State of the UNION: 2015 Best Moments

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2015 Most Memorable Moments

The Year of The Joy Nugget: Back in January, Founders Jon, Adam and Kevin appeared in a M&T Bank television spot. Adam & Jon referred to UNION cans as “joy nuggets.” The spot ran on major networks for 48 hours before it was pulled and the term “joy nuggets” was given new life. Find out why the spot was pulled and see the original spot.

Old Pro Day: In May, we launched our award-winning Gose in cans with a putt-putt course in our parking lot built by local artists. Old Pro Day returns in 2016.

3rd Anniversary Party: Last August was our biggest and best Anniversary Party to date with 1,000+ people, Bosley tearing the roof off the big stage and our biggest draft list EVER.

Older Pro Can Release: Our fastest small-batch sell out ever happened after we aged our Old Pro Gose in California Chardonnay barrels with added peach & blackberry puree. We released 16oz cans of this gorgeous liquid to thirsty drinkers who bought it all up in two days. Look for more Older Pro variants to be released soon.