Rough Draughts: Cranberry Gose & Vanilla Almond Porter

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Cranberry Gose beer. Red in color
Fresh out of the R&D brewhouse is a tasty experiment on Gose. Light and tart, this wheat ale was brewed with Cranberries and a touch of spice. Stop in and give this little red drink a try! 4.0% ABV
Vanilla Almond Porter Beer. Jet black in color with a creamy head.
This Vanilla Almond Porter is rich and full-bodied with a creamy texture, while boasting aromas of vanilla, milk chocolate, and Golden Grahams cereal. The vanilla is smoothly balanced by robust, chocolatey malts, and subtle almond nuttiness. A lingering sweetness rounds this brew out at 5%ABV

Stop by this week to try them!