Older Pro - Gin

Gin Barrel-Aged Gose

This special edition of Older Pro was inspired by the beautifully floral and cirrus-forward Shot Tower Gin, produced locally by our friends at Baltimore Whiskey Company. We rested a small portion of the summer’s last batch of Old Pro in the same barrels that previously held the distillers Shot Tower Gin – Barreled. We then added the same botanicals used in Shot Tower to the barrel and patiently waited until the flavors harmonized into the wonderful Gin-inspired Gose you now hold in your hand. Enjoy this Special Edition Older Pro straight up, or sip with a little Shot Tower Gin to experience a full expression of unique botanicals.

COLOR: Bright Yellow
MALT: Wheat, Pils, Acidulated
ADDITIONS: Salt, Coriander Seed, Gin Botanicals
YEAST: Lactobacillus, German Ale
BARREL: Baltimore Whiskey Company Shot Tower Gin – Barreled