Devils Backbone

For the second installment in our reUNION Collaboration Series, our very own Kevin “Blodge” Blodger reached out to this longtime brother-in-brew and GABF Medal Machine, Mr. Jason “Gooch” Oliver of Devils Backbone Brewing Company to collaborate on a brew. In true Blodge & Gooch style, these accomplished brewers created a new style of beer – The Blodgengüch (pronounced Blaad•jen•gooch).

“I can’t remember when I first met the Gooch but it was around the time of my  first brewing  job in the early 00’s in DC. We quickly became good friends and a few years later coworkers. I, like the rest of the brewing world, was not surprised to see the success he achieved at Devils Backbone. This beer is a tribute to our friendship and our love for lagers and sour beer. Brewed with  Vienna, Munich, Cara-Red Malts and Noble German hops: Tettnang and Perle. The beer is created as a traditional Vienna Lager then soured with Lactobacillus to give it a tart flavor. We fermented with a German Lager strain and dry hopped with German Tettnang hops to give the beer some earthy hop notes. We hope you drink this one with some good friends. Prost! – Kevin “Blodge” Blodger”

MALT: Vienna, Munich, Cara-Red
HOPS: Tettnang, Perle
YEAST: Lactobacillus, German Lager