Can Recall: Diamonds & Pearls

Posted on Aug 18, 2016 in News | No Comments

UNION issues voluntary recall on limited cans of Diamonds & Pearls

Today UNION Craft Brewing is issuing a recall on the cans of Diamonds and Pearls that were sold at Max’s Taphouse in late July. Several reports of re-fermentation in the can have been filed and we want to get the beer out of the market to ensure that no one else experiences this. There is absolutely no health risk in drinking the beer but we have seen cans bulge, and in rare cases, pop at the seam. Quality and testing are very important to us here at UNION and while this beer went through our usual battery of QC testing we obviously missed something.

Diamonds and Pearls was brewed to Celebrate the 30th Anniversary of  a Baltimore institution and one of our favorite bars so its with great sadness that we now have to pull the cans of what is otherwise a beautiful beer. UNION strives to maintain a high standard for our beer and to ensure customer satisfaction. We invite you to return any unopened cans you still have to the brewery tap room during business hours and we will issue you a credit or exchange the cans for a comparable product, taproom credit, or merchandise item.

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